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Home Automation Stars home automation is a full service home automation business specializing in whole-house automation. The focus of the business is the design of home automation solutions to meet specific customer requirements at an affordable cost. As evidenced by our solutions, we can satisfy simple needs from stand alone lighting controls to completely integrate computer-based solutions to control all automation devices installed in your home with remote access via the Internet. We offer installation services for solutions we design thus you can call us on 888-741-8049 to order our products or our services.

Free Consultation

Home Automation Stars offers free consultation to all; you can call us on 888-741-8049 to learn about our different home automation systems and get to know one that would best work for you. We offer a variety of home automation systems thus you can choose one that is best for your home. Our experts will help you make the decision of the best home automation system that suits your needs and requirements. Help us understand the home automation solutions that interest you by completing our home automation survey and get a free email or phone consultation or call our customer service on 888-741-8049.

Our team

Home Automation Stars hires the best home automation dealers and experts to ensure that the clients get quality services that match their needs and expectations. Our team consists of skilled designers who have been in the home automation industry for year and home automation dealers and installers. They meticulously come up with a plan of the best home automation system for your home. The system is then implemented and our installation crew helps you to install the system and ensure it works effectively. Home Automation Stars installation crew helps our customers in the installation of the home automation system. The installation team is skilled enough to safely and effectively install the system in your house making you to have an easy time operating different systems in your home. Whether you need a single room automation system or a whole house automation system ; Home Automation Stars will help you get the exact kind of home automation system that you are looking for. Call us on 888-741-8049 and we will be glad to help you out.

Home Automation Stars home automation products make sophisticated home automation and control practical and affordable for every home. They provide simple, centralized control over your lights, music, home theatre and temperature and security system. While using our wireless, IP-based products our dealers can design and install a solution to integrate your existing technology into one complete system, providing a new level of entertainment, comfort and convenience to you and your family.

Why you need home automation

The ultimate goal of home automation is to achieve a more responsive environment for the family to compliment and match the family's lifestyle. A home automation solution creates a state of operation for your home through the use of several products and/or systems working together to achieve added features and convenience that the individual products or systems could not do alone. With a home automation system, you can save money by lowering your monthly utility bills with the remote control of lights, appliances, sprinklers and your thermostat, simplify operation by creating a reliable and coordinated controls to operate home devices automatically every day and enhanced safety by integrating your alarm system with other home systems for a response to intrusion that meets your needs. Enjoy peace of mind with Home Automation Stars home automation system.

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